Leak Detection

There’s a thief in your plant, stealing from you daily

You’re bleeding money, but you might not know it. Each day that a leak goes undetected is another day of wasted resources, increased energy costs and diminished product quality. Locating compressed air leaks in noisy production areas is nearly impossible. SDT’s compressed air leak management program shows you how to find and fix air leaks in your plant.

Compressed air is energy. Leaking air lines, couplings and hoses are simply put, sources of energy waste. The majority of companies have a leakage rate of more than 20%. Apart from being completely unnecessary it is expensive and contributes to your CO2 emissions. With a leakage management programme it is fully possible to achieve a leakage rate of less than 5%.

Ultrasonic leak detection is probably the most versatile form of leak detection. Due to its capabilities, it is readily adapted to a variety of leak detection situations Ultrasonic detectors are generally unaffected by background noises in the audible range because these signals are filtered out. This means leaks can be heard in even the noisiest environments.

The advantages of ultrasonic leak detection include:

  • Versatility
  • Speed
  • The ability to perform tests while equipment is running
  • The ability to find a wide variety of leaks

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