Air Audits

Is your Compressed Air System Operating at Peak Performance?

Most companies think Air Audits cost big bucks, however, the fact is that Air Audits, like companies, come in all shapes and sizes.

Compressed Air Solutions is here to help – we will scope your audit needs for you!

When considering an Air Audit, remember there are three basic types of audit – Compressed Air Solutions can help you scope your needs.


Walk the line Audit

A Walk the Line audit involves a visual check, done inside and outside of the compressor room. Compressed Air Solutions can offer you a comprehensive check list for its walk the line audits including the inspection of filters, piping structure and condensate drains. Many of the issues that compromise a compressed air system’s performance are often as rudimentary as identifying and sealing leaks and decreasing pressure drops through reconfigured piping and system analysis to ensure that the facility has the right compressor for the job. A walk the line audit is also a great opportunity to learn more about available alternatives, like Variable Speed Drive compressors, and how they match a facility’s fluctuating energy demands.
The primary objective of this type of audit is to optimize the performance of a facility’s compressed air system to help the operator save money through more cost-effective and efficient operations.

Data logging Audit

Along with a visual check like that from a Walk the Line audit, this audit involves data logging of the current (Amps). By using a standard formula (one that includes power factor), the kW can be calculated to a reasonably accurate value and graphs illustrating demand can be included.
The following examples are from a less comprehensive audit, but provide good examples of what is available and what can be achieved. The audit needs to start somewhere – why not start in the compressor room where the compressed air originates? The duration of the audit (data logging) should be a minimum of seven days, so it always includes a weekend.
The primary objective of these audits is to detect energy waste and capture a compressed air profile of the Supply Side – the compressor room. By analyzing the supply side we can then promote the need to evaluate the issues on the demand side. The initial set up and process is very simple, but what is most important, is that it allows us the opportunity and proof that further analysis may be required.

Full Audit

A variety of options are available with a full audit, ranging from full system audits to specific measurements, such as leak detection, power and flow rate, etc.  A full audit offers you a a flexible, diagnostic package for compressed air systems that allows our customers to select any level of air audit required for their particular system.

Options include: Air measurement: an accurate account of your plant’s compressed air demand over a seven-day cycle, identifying energy costs and potential savings. Again, flow rates can be tested without interrupting service.

  • Air leak detection and control: history has shown that leaks typically account for 20 percent of the system demand. Consider that figure when examining utility costs across a month, a year or the life of the compressor.
  • Air quality audit: measures the quality of the air, including an assessment of any water or oil in the compressed air, and draws comparisons to your specific needs at any point in the system. Dirty air not only means frequent and costly filter cartridge changes, but it also threatens production quality and can lead to work interruptions or stoppages.
  • Maintenance review: assesses current service schedules and programs for effectiveness in the equipment, including compressors, filters, dryers and ancillaries.
  • Monitoring and control program: sets out recommendations for long-term monitoring and control to maintain optimum efficiency. And with Atlas Copco’s exclusive AIRConnect, air compressors can be monitored from remote locations to monitor real-time performance to help maximize efficiency.

Companies may be hesitant to spend a lot of money on energy audits, especially when they have little understanding of the true possible savings. Our objective at Compressed Air Solutions is to help you understand the importance and the benefits of an audit; not only will an audit lower energy costs, but your production lines will operate more efficiently as well.

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